U+I is a specialist mixed-use regeneration developer and investor, with a diversified portfolio of projects in the London City Region, Manchester and Dublin.

We realise gains by successfully repositioning undervalued parts of towns and cities into new places that deliver social and economic value to a wide range of stakeholders. Our expertise in asset management, regeneration and trading allows us to unlock this value. Our passion, creativity and focus help us to create places that leave a lasting legacy.

With an equity-light approach to development, we limit our financial exposure by pre-funding or pre-selling our development projects or by securing public sector development land at limited entry costs through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. In doing so, we reduce our risk exposure in any one individual project whilst building a portfolio with significant upside potential. 

With an extensive track record in mixed-use development, we have the requisite skills to deliver a wide range of projects, either in partnership with long-term capital (forward-funded development) or where appropriate, on our own balance sheet. We are also able to identify value-enhancing trading deals that can be executed swiftly to deliver superior returns. In this way, we are able to build a pipeline of projects that balance the longer-term, larger gains from significant regeneration projects with the shorter-term profit streams from trading activity. 

Our investment portfolio acts as an anchor for our business. Through proactive asset management, redevelopment or regeneration, we are able to drive income and value growth across our investment assets to add to our overall returns as a business. We are also able to house income-producing, longer-term development opportunities within our investment portfolio, adding to our pipeline of future projects.

This combined strategy has guided us successfully and securely through many property and economic cycles.


Across our portfolio, the combination of our regeneration and asset management expertise allows us to create places for the long-term, maintaining an involvement over the full life span of a project where appropriate. 

The balance of our activities also allows us to manage risk, creating a mix of long-dated development profits, shorter-cycle trading profits and recurring income streams from our investment activities.