And our new name is...


This is our team getting a sneak peak at our almost finished office in Victoria ahead of the official move day in two weeks time. We met at Howick Place on a significant day in our history as we announced our intention to name our new combined company U+I to the city alongside our half-year results.

The interim results showed that we have now realised 41% of our full year target for development and trading profits. These profits are delivered as we sell buildings and land at our various schemes and to date, we have generated gains of £22.5 million out of our target £54.7 million. The profits have mainly come from our schemes in Abbey Wood, Wick Lane Wharf, Brentwood, The Old Vinyl Factory and Hale Barns. Our figures show that there is still work to do, but we are confident that together, we are in a better position than ever to make this happen. Working in one space as one team will also inspire even more energy to deliver success on our projects, positive economic change to the communities that surround them as well as profit to our shareholders.