First steps for #FIELD Brighton


This is John and Tony from The Wood Store – Brighton & Hove’s wood recycling enterprise - standing in the old TA Building on our Preston Barracks site. Having left Circus Street in order for demolition to begin, we’ve relocated their business to our second regeneration site in the city.

As well as setting up their new workshop and showroom in time for their official opening on Saturday, they’ve also worked hard clearing the main areas of the TA Building that will become Field BTN

#FIELD is a pilot scheme for the Central Research Laboratory planned as part of our Preston Barracks development in partnership with The University. The redevelopment of the former army barracks will begin with public consultation across Brighton and Hove in early 2016.

Find out more about FIELD on the website, including a sign up button for the newsletter. The existing building on our Preston Barracks site we’re preparing for Field BTN.