Matter Issue 2: the Connectivity issue


Introducing issue 2 of Matter – U+I’s platform for disruptive, thought-provoking ideas in the field of mixed-use regeneration. 

Will our societies be open in terms of trade, immigration and technology or will they shut themselves off and sever their connections with the outside world? In a socio-political and economic climate where protectionism and nationalistic ideas seem to be gathering pace, this is a key question for our times.

The answer, explored in a series of fascinating articles centred on the theme of connection, is an emphatic desire for people to reach out and connect with each other. As detailed in the foreword, that is what U+I aims to do with the places it creates: we want to shape them into places where people feel they belong, places they can enjoy and places they can feel proud of. We cannot do that by closing ourselves off from existing communities.

To put it simply, bad development raises barriers between people. Good development demolishes those barriers.

With pieces on the interdependent connection between the North and South of England, or the need for greater connection between the generations, from authors as diverse as the Business Editor of to a leading global advisor on after-hours strategy for cities, we hope you will find Matter entertaining and engaging.

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