Circus Street Demolition


We’re excited to announce that our mixed-use scheme for Circus Street, in partnership with Brighton and Hove City Council finally began as Brighton-based demolition and restoration experts Dorton Group began on site.

Our £100m GDV scheme for central Brighton is aiming to be the most sustainable development we’ve ever undertaken and Dorton’s first task is to salvage many of the tiles and market signs from the old municipal market, which will be designed in to the final scheme.

As well as salvage works, all timber from the demolition works will be used for board making and bio mass fuel. All steel will be re-used and all hard core and concrete will be kept on site to be used on the site construction of the new Circus Street development. Any waste will go to a transfer station for further sorting.

The mixed-use development also comprises 142 new homes including private and affordable housing, 486 student bedrooms, 3,000 sqm of flexible office space to help growing creative and digital businesses remain and flourish in the city and restaurants and cafés around a public square. The scheme will deliver new public realm which favours the pedestrian and includes a communal orchard, roof gardens for food growing and 78 new trees.

Find out more at the Circus Street website.