Colour Me Deptford


This week the brightly coloured privacy screens have been fitted to the Octavius Street apartment building on our mixed-use development in Deptford. Back in 2008 when the architects visited The Deptford Project train carriage café, we like to think they might have been inspired by the crazy colours!

The Deptford Project pop-up train carriage café and community hub in 2008.

View from Octavius Street of the apartment building today.

Colourful post boxes in the Octavius Street building lobby.

Finishing touches have also been applied to the top of the Grade II listed carriage ramp with the planting in and the cobbles finished. In the main Market Yard, the paving is complete and the station entrance now features several beautiful Northern Red Oaks.

Looking lovely Deptford and just in time for the New Year.