This year we helped our team to connect through our Insights Day, a company-wide event involving psychometric analysis, team building activities and positive insights into behaviour and character.

People thrive best in the workplace when they are engaged, inspired and continually learning, so we encourage our team to further their professional development and support them in doing so. In 2015 we supported six employees through further education and we offered training on 26 different themes, ranging from personal effectiveness and change management to business writing, market trends, policy and regulation and risk management. Going forwards, we are looking into the possibility of offering work experience and internships for young people. We are also in the process of developing a formal Diversity Policy as we are becoming increasingly active on this topic – advertising jobs more widely to encourage a more diverse base of applicants, inviting speakers on this topic into our events space and encouraging collaboration with partners and other stakeholders on this theme.

We also continue to maintain a direct community investment policy, donating more than £34,000 in support of various sponsorships and charitable projects in 2015.

Investing in our team:

Total number of U+I employees 123
Total number of new hires in 2015 22
Headcount growth (%) 10
Total number of training events 35
Total number of people who attended training 65

Gender diversity